Splash Island Waterpark

Top Fun Activities To Enjoy At Splash Island Waterpark in Mount Pleasant, SC

Splash Island is a great way to spend the day during the summer. It's one of Mount Pleasant, SC 's best attractions, and has something for everyone.

While many people would expect Splash Island to be full of water slides and wet rides, it actually offers its visitors plenty of land-based activities as well. Having fun at Splash Island doesn't require getting wet at all!

  1. Play a Round of Mini Golf

Mini golf is a fun activity for everyone, and Splash Island has a great course to enjoy. It's full of neat obstacles and challenging holes, plus it's right next to the playground where younger kids can play while you do something more exciting.

  1. Bounce Around on Inflatable Jumps

Inflatables are a great way to let loose and have some serious summer fun. The area near the Splash Island ticket booths is packed with inflatable jumps that will send people flying into the air as they jump from one open-air trampoline to another. This sure beats sitting around in line all day!

  1. Swing High on the Playground and Slides

If you're not into jumping all over the place (or if your children are too little to bounce safely), the Splash Island playground is still a ton of fun. There are several different play structures to climb, slides for going down quickly, and plenty of space for running around so kids can burn off some energy.

  1. Try Out the Roller Rink

Are roller skates or blades more your speed? Head on over to Splash Island's roller rink! It makes use of the same powerful water jets that provide a unique aquatic experience in other areas, allowing riders to glide around effortlessly as they turn corners and go up small hills along the track. If you want a chance at a high score, ride behind someone who's an experience roller skater.

  1. Challenge Someone to a Game of Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is one of those timeless games that people around the world have enjoyed for centuries, and it happens to be one of Splash Island's most popular pastimes as well! It can be played almost anywhere, requires only a few inexpensive supplies, and encourages physical activity while having fun at the same time.

Entry Requirements

Splash Island requires a ticket to get in, but they're pretty cheap and can be used for all day. In addition, several Splash Island attractions don't require a park admission fee, so you can go home without feeling like you paid too much or missed out on anything.

Opening Hours

Splash Island opens at 10 a.m. every day and closes at 9 p.m. on weekdays, 10 p.m. on Saturdays, and 8 p.m. on Sundays and holidays during the summer season (May 26 – September 3).

Specific Location

The park is located at 556 SE Captain Sam Drive in Mount Pleasant, SC . It's right by the intersection of I-526 and Highway 17 North, about 20 minutes from downtown Charleston if traffic isn't too heavy. The address for Splash Island itself is "540 Capt Sam Dr." This is different from its official mailing address of 5075 Three Chop Road, which refers to the road that leads directly into Splash Island's parking lot.

Written by Vital Family Chiropractic  


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