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How Can A Chiropractor Help With Pulled Muscles?

Updated: Mar 4

A muscle strain, commonly referred to as a muscle pull, occurs when a muscle is torn or overstretched. This can result from overuse of the muscle, improper use of a muscle or muscle fatigue.

While muscle strains can happen in any muscle, they are typically experienced in the lower back, shoulder, neck and hamstring, a muscle behind the thigh.

Once you suffer a muscle strain, it can cause limited movement and pain in the affected muscle group.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

One thing you can do after a muscle strain is getting chiropractic care. Here are some ways in which this can be beneficial.

You Get To Avoid Medication

At times, the most obvious thing to do about a pulled muscle is to take some pain relief for it, specifically anti-inflammatory pills to reduce the pain and swelling. While this might offer some relief, it’s not always the best cause of action.

This is especially so for people whose lifestyles make them more susceptible to muscle sprains. If you want to avoid popping pills each time you suffer a muscle sprain, chiropractic care is an excellent alternative.

Chiropractic care can use musculoskeletal manipulation to manipulate joints, muscles and tissues and relieve the tightness of a pulled muscle. This is bound to offer some pain relief, expedite the healing process and restore mobility.

Restore Mobility

One of the symptoms of a pulled muscle is restricted mobility on the part of the affected body part.

Alongside alleviating the pain, restoring mobility is also a huge concern.

One effective technique chiropractors use for a pulled muscle is the active release technique. This technique breaks up adhesions that build up from scar tissue in the muscle. This addresses the pain and helps the patient gain more mobility.


The rice method is very effective for treating pulled muscles at home. If you are prone to them, it might not make sense to go to the hospital every time you get one.

A chiropractor can be very instrumental in teaching you how to carry out the R.I.C.E method correctly. This method uses Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.


The best way to deal with a muscle strain is to prevent it before it happens. While it might not be possible to eliminate the chances of getting one completely, there are things you can do towards prevention.

Chiropractic care for one stretch muscles and increases their range of motion. If this is something you do regularly, you will increase your strength, improve circulation, minimize muscle tension and enjoy more flexibility.

The Takeaway

Chiropractic care is very useful in treating muscle strain. Not just that, but regular chiropractic care can help prevent or lessen the instances of getting muscle strains.

If you lead an active life or work out a lot, getting a chiropractor to work with you can ensure you have fewer muscle pulls and other back, neck and limb injuries. A chiropractor can also give you tips on how to stretch better and take care of muscle strains at home.

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