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How a Mount Pleasant Chiropractor May Help with Headaches

Updated: Mar 4

Are you feeling drained by headaches and migraines? You might not be alone. In fact, the Migraine Research Foundation shows that headaches affect more than 38 million people in the US. But, there are solutions to your migraine problems, and we’re here to help you.

At Vital Family SC, we provide chiropractic services for people in Mount Pleasant and its environs. We use natural methods to forget all the aspirins and miserable days off work.

Headaches range from mild to severe throbbing pain, sometimes accompanied by nausea. The location of the pain is a major indicator of what kind of headache you have. Typically, there are three main types of headaches.

● Tension headaches. Tension headaches occur when the muscles on your head and neck contract, causing tension or a feeling of being too tight. The tightness may be felt on the forehead only or around your back and neck. Tension headaches are mainly caused by poor posture, stress, Or long hours of screen time (i.e., looking at your cellphone or computer).

● Migraine headaches. Migraine affects as many as 10 percent of children, 18 percent of women, and 10 percent of men. Symptoms associated with migraine include vomiting, sensitivity, nausea, among others.

● Cluster headache. Cluster headache is extremely painful and occurs on one side of the head. It typically lasts a few minutes to hours, depending on the severity of the problem. The term “cluster” is used because this type of headache occurs multiple times a month or throughout the year.

How Do Mount Pleasant Chiropractors Treat Headaches?

We have various treatment options depending on several factors, but the popular ones include:

● Spinal mobilization. It involves gentle hand pressure movements stretching to your spine area. This method improves joint function and helps ease the tension between muscles of the vertebrae. Spinal mobilization is effective as it can help relieve any headache.

● Massage. Massage is one of our common treatments for headaches. This therapy eases tight muscles, increases blood flow, and improves the range of motion. It is an excellent therapy for tension headaches.

● Spinal manipulation. Manipulation helps realign your spine, relieve joint pressure, and loosens tight muscles. We use spinal manipulation if your headache is caused by nerve irritation.

We also do consultations and recommend lifestyle modifications to prevent headaches, apart from the above treatment methods. First, we’ll try to understand your triggers and find the root cause of your headache problem. Common causes of headaches related to lifestyle include eating certain foods, insomnia, your environment, and long hours looking at the computer or your phone. Then, we’ll suggest solutions based on these triggers and advise lifestyle tweaks to help you live a better life.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Effective?

Chiropractic treatment is safer than most methods like taking Over-the-counter drugs. It is a natural treatment process and has fewer side effects.

If you have headaches or migraine and are looking for Mount Pleasant Chiropractors, look no further than Vital Family, SC. All you need is to book an appointment with us, and we’ll do what we can to help you live a pain-free life.

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