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4 Weightlifting Tips from Mount Pleasant Chiropractors

Weightlifting is an excellent way to improve your health and having strong muscles can help keep your joints in place. However, weightlifting can be dangerous if you don’t do it properly and lead to long-term health effects. Therefore, you need to take care of your body as soon as possible to ensure your overall health is optimum. That said, here are our recommended weightlifting tips from our chiropractors to help you take care of your joints and muscles.

Have a slow-paced routine session

Most folks want to start weightlifting and achieve their goals fast. While this is possible, the steep curve may have long-term negative effects in the long term. Know that this routine should become part of your life, and you need to set achievable goals. The best way to go about this is to set small reasonable goals and build muscles gradually over time. As your muscles get stronger, they will prevent injuries from lifting weights. So, know your limits and never push your routine too fast.

Be careful lifting with your back

A personal trainer can give you when you join a fitness program is not to start lifting weights with your back. Starting this too early can cause your spine to strain and potentially hurt your muscles. Also, when lifting heavy weights, avoid twisting your body; you need to have a straight alignment at all times. Finally, always keep a straight spine to prevent a compressed nerve which is quite painful.

Consult an expert

It may seem like a solid choice to head to the gym and start lifting weights independently. However, it is too easy to hurt yourself if you know nothing about the techniques. So instead, look for a consultant or a gym trainer to help you with tips to lift weights.

You can still have an online expert if you’re doing it at home. Experts will give advice based on your weight, height, and medical history, a more personalized approach. You can submit videos of your progress, and then they’ll give feedback and recommendations. An expert will help you gain muscle and prevent any risk of muscle injuries.

Always warm-up

Warm-ups are so important in a workout and weightlifting that you need to do them even if you have experience. Thinking of warming up and cooling down is like the movement of trains. The train starts slowly at 15 miles per hour to 150 or more at its peak. It then slows down to 0 mph as it reaches its destination without sudden stopping.

One way to do this is to start with half of your intended weight and do repetitions until you feel your body has the kick. From there, you can increase the weights by 15% until you reach your goal. A simple cool-down would be making small poses between reps to help bring your body back to a neutral state.

Let Chiropractic Treatments Help Prevent Injuries

Chiropractic treatments are essential in preventing injuries from weightlifting or other causes. The goal of weightlifting is to stay healthy, and with the help of Mount Pleasant chiropractors, we can help you better your weightlifting routine. Contact us today and schedule an appointment at Vital Family Chiropractic.

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