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Mount Pleasant Farmers Market

Top Things to Shot at Mount Pleasant Farmers Market in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market is the perfect stop for local food lovers. There are many reasons to visit this market, including delectable prepared foods (including fresh baked goods and gourmet popcorn) as well as fresh locally grown produce. In addition, there are also unique crafts available as well as live entertainment.

This article will share with you the top things you can shop at Mount Pleasant Farmers Market.

  1. Fresh Produce

In terms of production, there are a variety of different items for sale. In addition to the standard fresh vegetables and fruits that can be found at most farmers' markets in the area, you can also purchase unique items such as Asian vegetables and mushrooms.

     2. Baked Food

There are also locally baked goods available, including gourmet popcorn with flavors ranging from kettle corn to caramel with sea salt to kettle black pepper or kettle cheese. In addition, there are many organic baked goods available as well.

     3. Local Crafts

In terms of crafts, shoppers have a number of options from which they can choose from. Many vendors sell homemade soaps and candles along with jewelry made by local artisans who use recycled glass and metal for their creations. Some vendors sell children's store that is both creative and educational. Other vendors sell great home decoration items, including chalkboard art and wood burnings of different words or phrases. There is truly something for everyone at Mount Pleasant Farmers Market!

      4. Gifts

Those who want to purchase unique gifts have the opportunity to do so every week when they visit this market. One vendor offers handcrafted stuffed animals using high-quality fabrics with details such as embroidered buttons on their clothing. Another vendor sells handmade decorated Christmas ornaments all year round in various styles, colors, and sizes depending on the type of ornament you are interested in purchasing. For example, customers can buy a simple snowman, an American flag-themed ornament, or even colorful dinosaurs. These would be excellent choices for families with young children or for those looking to add a decorative touch to their holiday tree.

        5. Enjoy Entertainment

There is no shortage of live entertainment at this market in terms of live entertainment. In addition to local bands and musicians, the market also features traveling performers such as hypnotists or jugglers on some days. One of the most popular was a magician that performed magic tricks while walking around tables set up with his equipment. He amazed both children and adults alike! Some face painters had their booths open during select times at the market. For example, on one particular day in November, they were available from 3 pm until 6 pm drawing different designs on people's faces while kids sat wearing very winter-appropriate clothing such as scarves and hats.

Parting Shot

Can't wait to experience the fun yourself? Then come out to Mount Pleasant Farmers Market every Wednesday from May until October 31 st, from 3 pm until 7 pm. There is always a great selection of fresh food and produce and unique crafts available for purchase at this convenient location. In addition, there are live performances by local bands or musicians on most days of the week which you can enjoy while eating lunch or dinner outside in the fresh air!

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